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Breaking News! Here's What Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Going Solar Today....
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Update! Why Is Now the Time to Switch to Solar Energy?
So - you might have heard the claims that solar can save you money or it’s free and maybe you’re skeptical. Trust me - I get it and it's not your fault, for decades solar has been really expensive and for that to change suddenly seems suspicious. 

The biggest thing to wrap your head around is solar is a technology not a fuel and like all technologies it’s cheaper to produce and less expensive every year. A 5% to 10% reduction each year might not sound like a lot, but over a decade or two, they are huge. This is exactly what happened to solar and why now is the time. 

The fact is, renewable energy was the largest source of new electricity generation in 2015, beating fossil fuels for the first time in history. That's because renewable energy is now cheaper to produce for 70% of the US population and what’s even better, smart companies have created innovative financing option so you don’t have to come up with any cash up front. Instead of paying tens of thousands for equipment you can get 0 down financing and pay for the electricity just like you're paying for your electric bill now. The solar company will make that money over time as you pay your new bill every month to the clean energy grid.
Solar is the #1 Way to Save Money On Your Electric Bill
This is the future of energy. It wont' be long, before every home in America is powered by solar technology.
Benefits of Going Solar: Clean Energy Versus Dirty Energy
Have you ever had a choice on who you buy your power from and whether that power is dirty or clean? The truth is, you’re locked into a lifelong expensive contract right now to buy dirty power and you’ve never even had a choice until now. With solar you get to compare the rate you pay for your electricity and choose a cheaper option plus you can choose to buy clean energy and do your part for our future generations. 

So, what’s the catch? There really isn’t one but if you consider signing a contract a catch, that’s it. In order to get 0 down solar you sign a long term contract to buy power but it's still cheaper than what you're currently paying. Now some people might think – whoa! I don’t want to sign a contract, the thought scares me.  But let me ask you a question, how long have you been in an agreement with your current utility company? Forever, right? 

You’re gonna buy energy no matter what. Why not buy it from a cheaper cleaner source? 

Rich Price, Powur Partner

Rich is a Powur Advisor and is determined to help you go solar with the best local Solar Providers in your area.
Go Clean Energy | Free Solar Quote | clean renewable energy | $0 down solar | renewable energy | green energy | clean energy

Jonathan Budd, Founder of Powur

Jonathan Budd is the Founder of Powur which offers opportunity of incredible significance working on one of humanity’s most pressing challenges with life-changing income attached.....
Go Clean Energy | Free Solar Quote | clean renewable energy | $0 down solar | renewable energy | green energy | clean energy
Go Clean Energy | Free Solar Quote
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